My Favorite NH Brews

A review (in no particular order) of my personal favorite breweries in the state.

Starting from the bottom of the state and working our way up, we have Spyglass Brewing and White Birch Brewing in Nashua. I LOVE White Birch because they specifically specialize in sours (my number one type of beer).

In Merrimack, there’s the Budweiser Biergarten, but they seem to only be open for public events or catering these days. I like to check Facebook for events they hold throughout the year. Also in Merrimack are the Thirsty Moose Tap-house (one of several in the state) and Able Ebenezer Brewing. Thirsty Moose has tons of beers from local breweries on tap and an awesome food selection. Able usually only has 4-5 ish on tap but the atmosphere is very friendly and close-knit.

Moving north to Londonderry are Pipe Dream Brewing and 603 Brewing. Pipe Dream is a favorite for their creative flavor infused concoctions, like a Lucky Charm or Slurpee beer.

Up in Manchester, we have Great North Aleworks, a large place with a very friendly atmosphere. A little up the road is Candia Road Brewing Co, a smaller building with a large personality. Inward towards downtown are another Thirsty Moose, Stark Brewing, and To Share Brewing. Stark has some lovely seasonal flavors of beer as well as their own distillery on site.

If you mosey your way up to Concord, you’ll find Lithermans, Feathered Friend, and Concord Craft Brewing. Concord Craft has a pretty unique choice of architecture inside and even provided live music on Christmas Eve.

Tropic Anna Sour Ale from Concord Craft Brewing

If you plan to spend the day in the White Mountain region, One Love Brewery is an excellent choice for an after-hike sip and a hefty burger. On the opposite side is Sea Dog in Conway.

As I taste around New Hampshire, I will add more to this list. Keep checking back on this page or my Instagram account to stay up-to-date. Cheers!


One response to “My Favorite NH Brews”

  1. Can’t wait to visit and have you give me the brewery tour 🍻


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