Budgeting Tips

A simple breakdown of how I decided to budget for travel (I am by no means an accountant, so tread carefully).

I recently came across a post on my Pinterest feed with a cutesy categorized diy chart for monthly spending and budgeting. So I brought out the colored pens and sharpies and got to work to recreate one for my own use. The chart was broken up as follows:

The main portion of the chart focused on specific bills, how much was due for each, and what date of the month they were due. You could then break down the month into four weeks and see which bills get paid on which week to compare that with which weeks you were receiving a paycheck. At this point, you could make sure your automatic payments were set up to come out at intervals that wouldn’t leave you struggling until the next paycheck, and maybe see where you could cut back on some extra expenses each week.

You can also take the total for all of your bills due and subtract that from your total pay for the month to see an overall spend-age allowance for whatever is left over. This would be your travel/fun/etc expenses. And if you’re like me, it’s a little tight at times. So I like to travel and enjoy the outdoors on a budget.

We (my boyfriend and I) have found that having a vehicle that doubles as a bed is a HUGE money saver. Forget hotels and AirBnB, truck camping is free! My favorite experience sleeping this way was waking up to the ocean at my feet near the Nubble Lighthouse.

What you pack in your vehicle with you can also save you some headache. We recently purchased a truck mattress and have several foam pads for easy sleeping. This prevents you from eventually having to splurge on a hotel due to uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Even in the summer, be sure to pack extra blankets!

We also like to keep a cooler for any fish/wild game we catch on our trip, as well as take our own snacks with us. Non-perishables are best if you don’t want to keep buying lunches on the road. Soup in a can or anything sealed extra well that doesn’t need refrigerated is your best bet. Utilize your surroundings as well! Cook your food over a fire and get really connected with nature. Avoid extravagant vacations and opt to explore your hometown or camp. Luxury costs money, and that’s what we’re trying to save. And nothing beats the luxury of the outdoors.

One response to “Budgeting Tips”

  1. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know they made mattresses for trucks.


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