Locally Sourced Food

From farm markets, to local meat suppliers, to maple syrup producers, New England certainly has their fair share of locally grown/produced/distributed food products. Mom-and Pop shops are very prevalent these days as many shoppers are turning to holistic foods and medicinal herbs in place of big business and artificially-preserved products.

Shopping and supporting local business really appeals to me in that foods and products created close to home are going to be fresher, healthier, and tastier if you’re concerned about what you’re putting in your body. You know you’re getting the best quality and that the business itself actually cares about each and every customer.

The time and effort it takes to run a local business alone is enough for my appreciation and contribution. This entire blog is centered around the idea of not overlooking the charming aspects of your hometown and really putting your time into exploring and supporting what it has to offer.

Some ways to start shopping local, are searching for farmers markets, farms, meat producers, breweries, wineries, craft vendors, or any other business that includes local produce or crops in their products. There are also countless social media accounts dedicated to showcasing local amenities. Two of my favorite in the New England area are “Live Green Be Well” and “The Roaming Foodie”. Some states even have smartphone apps created specifically for farm markets etc in the area.

So the next time you need groceries, have a free day, or want to plan a date, consider blueberry picking, sampling local cheeses, or learning about the process of collecting and harvesting maple syrup at a sugary. Or if you’re an amateur chef and do-it-yourself kind of person, consider baking your own bread, home-brewing your own beer, or growing herbs indoors with ingredients from shops in your town.

I have included links to farmers markets in the area I currently reside, but there are plenty more across the country.

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