Females and Firearms: A Review

Thoughts on recent training I’ve completed and the importance of gun safety.

Growing up in the city/suburbs, I was never comfortable around nor taught how to properly use a firearm. I’ve had amateur backyard lessons from friends and own a .38 Special Revolver, but have never received formal gun safety training.

Fast forward to this week, when a friend invited me to partake in the “Females and Firearms” all-Womens training session at Granite State Indoor Range in Hudson NH. The idea of being surrounded by only women seems a little less daunting to me than a mixed gendered class.

The instructor, Deb, and her assistant were very engaging and informative. This was the first time I was able to handle all the inner workings of a firearm and learn the proper hand placement during a shooting session as well as after care for your gun.

I was pleased to see so many other women who were in the same boat as me, had firearms in the house, maybe shot once or twice, but weren’t sure of all the mechanics of the process. There were sever in the class who had never even touched a firearm and were comfortably shooting like the pros by the end of the session.

Deb was advocating for the importance of firearm safety and how powerful it is for women to have the means of protection. it was an overall fun experience and not terribly expensive ($75). We were even rewarded with a free lane pass for future use at the establishment.

Even if owning a firearm or shooting for recreational purposes is t your cup of tea, safety training is highly recommended in case of emergencies. It might be just as important as knowing the basics of first aid. I have linked Granite States Instagram page below.

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